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Leighlinbridge has produced more than its share of famous people including the daring Captain Myles Keogh, aid to General Custer, the scientist and mountaineer John Tyndall, the former archbishop of Sydney, Patrick Francis Moran and the Right HonBrian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 – 1992 whose family hailed from Leighlinbridge.


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The Millenium Garden consists of seven small, individual gardens, each with its own theme represented by trees, shrubs and stones. Using materials indigenous to the local area, the garden tells the story of life through a series of themes, including peace and tranquillity, happiness,friendship, reconciliation, hope, harmony and eternity.

millenium_garden.jpg (garden)

Vivaldi Garden is based on Vivaldi’s musical concerto The Four Seasons.

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Garden of Remembrance commemorates important occasions in the history of the village. These include the visit by the Canadian Prime Minister, a World War 1 memorial and the Entente Florale Gold Medal Award.

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The Sculpture Garden is dedicated to three of Leighlinbridge’s most famous sons – Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran, John Tyndall, the mountaineer and scientist and Captain Myles Keogh, second in command to General Custer.

 leighlinbridge-3_sc_garden.jpg (sc garden)