Brownshill Dolmen

brownshill02.jpg (dolmen )

An unmistakable monument to the east of Carlow town dating back to pre-historic times.Its date of construction has been estimated at between 4,900 and 5,500 years ago and it is thought that religious rites were performed here. Some authorities also suggest that it marks the burial place of a local king of long ago but has been invested with a rich overlay of myth and legend..Read more  
Travel time: 22 min drive

Altamont Gardens 

 altamont_cover.jpg (Altamont)

Known as the most romantic garden in Ireland, Altamont is an enchanting blend of formal and informal gardens located on a 100 acre estate. One of Ireland's very special places, Altamont House and Gardens were first laid down almost two hundred years ago by Watson Family. A delightful formal garden, adjacent to the house, leads to the lake area which is a gem in itself. This in turn leads to a very different garden - the rough or Wild Garden which features many rare and most interesting shrubs and trees from many countries - the result of the family's travels over the last two hundred years. This in turn finally leads to the awesome and dramatic Ice Age Glen overlooking the River Slaney with its delightful river-side walk. Read more

Travel time: 26 min drive


Huntington Castle & Gardens

huntingtoncastle1.jpg (huntington castlo)

 Located in Clonegall, sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Ireland, Huntington Castle was an early O’ Kavanagh stronghold. In the 17th century it was largely destroyed. The famous Esmonde family rebuilt it in 1625 and it became one of Ireland's historical treasures. Through generations memebers of family subsequently added various extensions and details giving the effect of a truly unique and interesting place. Read more

Travel time: 35 min drive

Carlow County Museum 

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Located in the Cultural Quarter of Carlow Town, the Museum gives a snapshot of the wonderful history and heritage of the county. Famous and magnificent 19th century hand carved pulpit from Carlow Cathedral, the original gallows trapdoor from the Carlow Gaol,smoking pipe of Captain Myles Keogh, killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn, and many more...Read more  

Travel time: 18 min drive


Carlow Military Museum 

co.-carlow-military-museum-logo.png (military museum)

A veritable treasure trove of displays from Carlow and Ireland's military history,fine museum exhibition housed in a late 19th century church. The museum features a wide range of exhibits relating to Carlow military history including the 10th Infantry battalion, Irish UN Peacekeeping in Congo, Lebanon and Somalia, Carlow Militia, Carlow in the Great War and an exhibition of Captain Myles Keogh of the 7th Cavalry killed with General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn..Read more 

Travel time: 17 min drive



Duckett's Grove

ducketts_grove.jpg (ducketts grove)

Duckett’s Grove, the 18th, 19th and early 20th century home of the Duckett family, was formerly at the centre of a 12,000 acre (4,856 hectares) estate that has dominated the Carlow landscape for over 300 years. Even in ruin, the surviving towers and turrets of Duckett’s Grove form a romantic profile making it one of the most photogenic historic buildings in the country. 

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Travel time: 26 min


Rancho Reilly Farm

thumbs_donkey.jpg (rancho)

Rancho Reilly’s is a family run Pet Farm and Children’s Activity Centre set over acres of land and is at the foot of the scenic Killeshin Hills. It features a range of animals including reindeer, miniature goats, ponies, lambs/sheep, calves/cows, turkeys, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, hens, ducks and canaries. Children can play with tractors, diggers, bikes, swigs, slides and trampolines or take a short trip on the Rancho Reilly Barrel Train around the farm. Read more..

Travel time: 21 min