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LEIGHLINBRIDGE – THE GARDEN VILLAGE – Rich in history, favoured with fertile land and enhanced by the River Barrow which meanders slowly through the village. The foundation of its beauty lies directly with the residents, who built range of gardens to commemorate various aspects of village life over the years.

The Millennium Garden – consists of seven small individual gardens, each with its own theme represented by trees, shrubs and stones. The gardens represents: peace and tranquillity, happiness, friendship, reconciliation, hope, harmony and eternity.

The Vivaldi Garden – based on Vivaldi’s musical concerto The Four Season and comprises four formal gardens, each depicting a season of the year.

The Garden of Remembrance – straddling the River Barrow commemorates important occasions in the history of the village including visit of the Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulrooney, a World War 1 Memorial and the Entente Gold Medal Award.

The Sculpture Garden – dedicated to three of Leighlinbridge most famous sons – Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran – Australia’s first Cardinal, John Tyndall, the mountaineer and scientist who developed the light pipe, the forerunner to fibre optics and Captain Myles Keogh, second in command to General Custer who lost his life at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876 at the hands of the Sioux.

Travel time: we are situated in the village, enjoy lovely walk around

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