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HERB GARDENDS AT KILGRANEY HOUSE – Kilgraney takes it’s name from the Irish ‘cill gréine’ which means ‘sunny hill’ or ‘sunny wood’. Consisting of a series of interconnecting herbal gardens there is a large kitchen garden, full of fruit, vegetable and herbs. Next to it there is a tea walk, with plants suitable for infusions and herbal teas. Set in a granite courtyard -  a medicinal garden, consists of nine raised beds in Isish oak timber. Each bed is planted with herbs suitable for treating a particular part of the body. In an adjoining courtyard there is a medieval monastic herb garden and a garden of aromatic and fragrant herbs. (Main house unfortunately is not open to garden visitors). 

Tarvel time: 14 min drive
  kilgraney-house-medicinal-herb-garden.jpg (Kilgraney House) herb_garden.jpg (Kilgraney House)
kilgraney_tea-walk.gif (Kilgraney House) kilgraney_medicinal-courtyard.jpg (Kilgraney House) kilgraney-country-house.jpg (Kilgraney House)